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Dollhouse Seasons and Episodes

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7.7 (10)
44 min
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Eliza Dushku , Harry Lennix , Fran Kranz , Tahmoh Penikett , Enver Gjokaj , Dichen Lachman , Olivia Williams , Miracle Laurie , Amy Acker , Reed Diamond


Joss Whedon


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A shadowy organization uses mind-wiped humans known technically as "actives" and colloquially as "dolls" who are imprinted with false memories and specialized skills for various tasks on behalf of paying clients. When they are not on assignments, they live in an underground "Dollhouse", a facility that protects and provides for their needs, including food, exercise and sleeping pods little bigger than coffins. One of the dolls, a young woman called Echo by her handlers, is slowly becoming aware of herself and what is going on. Meanwhile, at least two different people on the outside are trying to bring down the Dollhouse, one by finding Echo and the other by using her.

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Dollhouse Seasons and Episodes

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