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Cavendish - Season 1

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Mark (Mark Little) and Andy (Andy Bush) haven't been back to Cavendish since their parents split up almost 30 years ago. They grew up in Toronto with their mom and had little contact with their dad, Rollie, outside of the occasional Christmas phone call. Mark never seemed to mind - a nice gift and the rare compliment were always enough to sustain him - but Andy never got over the wound of rejection. Now, Mark and Andy are back in Cavendish to take care of their ailing father, and they're finding that Cavendish is...not like other towns. Weird things happen here - creepy things the townspeople seem to take in stride. There may or may not be a "beast" that roams the surrounding woods, possessed ancient statues and an Anne Of Green Gables cult. There's at least one coven. As Mark and Andy get embroiled in misadventures in this strange town, they're joined by their dad Rollie, a grumbling malcontent who runs The Museum of the Strange and Fantastic; Rollie's partner Ruth, a beacon of ...

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