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Frisco Moods

Frisco Moods

Mitch & Mitch
20 Mar 2019
Vinyl, 10", Limited Edition
Latin, Funk / Soul
Free Funk, Disco, Samba
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Edition of 333Limited edition 10" EP - an homage to the wonderful world of library music.The musicians: Mitch on guitars, Mitch on bass and drums (B1, B2), Mr. Beatstch on guitar (A1, B2), Crackin’ Mitch on vibraphone and percussion instruments, Mad Mitch on saxophone and flute, Mitch The Kid on trumpet and flugelhorn, Spiral Mitch on trombone, The (ðe) Mitch on drums (A1, A2), Luigi a.k.a. Half-Ape Half-Mitch on Hammond organ. All tambourine parts performed by Lesdek Mozdzer, courtesy of ACT Music. Recorded by Janiaque Wronski-Witt at Zolton/Morton Studios. Crackin‘ Mitch parts recorded by Wladyzlaw Noise at Futoma Studio. Luigi’s parts recorded by Pedrinho Negro at CMS. A1, A2 & B1 were mixed and mastered by Luigi a.k.a. Half-Ape Half-Mitch at CMS, B2 was mixed and mastered by Janiaque Wronski-Width III at MPT Studios.

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