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26.8 Meters Below Lucifer

26.8 Meters Below Lucifer

2 ×Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, Only 100 copies
Electronic, Rock, Folk, World, & Country
Art Rock, Avantgarde, Krautrock, Experimental
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Track List


Mastered By-Tomas Bodén
Performer-Dunderbo, Krístor Piazzolla, Nils Vindaloop, Śrī Yushin Kurikkala
Producer-Plupp (3)


Strana 1 (20:46)A1. Knaggelgattu (01:49)Sri Yushin Kurikkala: Ehru, field recordings (including piling and car engine)Isa: Theremini, voiceMusic: Benil Steimer & Isa C RexA2) Sort sol (07:00)Sri Yushin Kurikkala: KeyboardDunderbo: Electric guitar, Electro Harmonix Ravish sitarMusic: Benil Steimer & Jonas JanssonA3. Skruvstyckstysken (02:00)Sri Yushin Kurikkala: Keyboard, church organ, frog guiro, singing bowl, effects, field recordings (including water in a ditch and moped engine)Krístor Piazzolla: AccordionDunderbo: Stroh violinMusic: Benil Steimer, Krister Nonnemark & Jonas JanssonA4. Complete Pete repeat Dedicated to Pete Bonner on his 60th birthday. (09:57)Sri Yushin Kurikkala: Keyboard, tanpura 1 & 2, sur-peti, swar mandal, Soma Lyra 8, Remixlive dubstep, Electro Harmonix Canyon delay & looper, voice, field recordings (including birthday sounds)Nils Vindaloop: Fuzz, electric bass, voiceThe Olson family, Terve Tuloa, Isa: VoiceMusic: Benil Steimer, Peter Nylund, Anneli Olson, Hanna Olson, Dan Olson, Ulla Steimer & Isa C Rex Strana 2 (20:54)B1. Inedi (01:00)Sri Yushin Kurikkala: Electric mbira, Electro Harmonix Canyon delay & looper pedal, field recordings (including Piaggio Zip, hamering on a aluminium ladder and iron anvil, sheep baa, light a match and fried potatoes in frying pan)Music: Benil SteimerB2. Larsen effect (07.48) Sri Yushin Kurikkala: Dan bau, electric mbira, tabla, tanpura, manjira, Electro Harmonix Canyon delay & looper pedalNils Vindaloop: Electric guitar, effectsKrístor Piazzolla: Accordion, flute, harmonica, keychain, effectsMusic: Benil Steimer, Peter Nylund & Krister Nonnemark B3. In the eleventh hour (03:09)Sri Yushin Kurikkala: Keyboard, field recordings (including two 4H pigs, church clockwork and intonation of a church organ in three layers)Nils Vindaloop: Distorted guitar Dunderbo: SaxophoneMusic: Benil Steimer, Peter Nylund & Jonas JanssonB4) With a package of beedies (02:57)Sri Yushin Kurikkala: Keyboard, tanpura, tabla, sur tabla, sur-peti, swar mandal, field recordings in India 2013 (including hens, trains, train station sales, train departures, birds, city traffic, thunderstorms, elephant parades, hindu festival and religious ceremony)Nils Vindaloop: Electric guitar Krístor Piazzolla: Accordion Dunderbo: Sallow flute Music: Benil Steimer, Peter Nylund, Krister Nonnemark & Jonas JanssonB5) Floating in the karma of borsjtj (06:00)Sri Yushin Kurikkala: Moog theremini, keyboard, tanpura, tabla, manjira, sur-peti, voice, effectsDunderbo: Stroh violin, acoustic guitarMusic: Benil Steimer & Jonas Jansson Strana 3 (20:04)C1) Sounds of India (11:03)Sri Yushin Kurikkala: Soma Lyra 8, Electro Harmonix Canyon delay & looper pedal, loop, Field recording (DIY Lo-Fi recorded on a portable cassette tape recorder in India 1985 and 1986)Music: Benil SteimerC2) Swirling strings, cats and tuning fork (09:01)Sri Yushin Kurikkala: Keyboard, dan bau, freaky voice & finger pop, effects Nils Vindaloop: Fuzz Isa: VoiceMusic: Benil Steimer, Peter Nylund & Isa C Rex Strana 4 (20:18)D1) Slow train to Arambol (02:20)Sri Yushin Kurikkala: Moog theremini, keyboard, FunTone dream, Electro Harmonix Canyon delay & looper pedalMusic: Benil SteimerD2. Gånglåt i springfontän (07.57)Sri Yushin Kurikkala: Dan bau, electric mbira, tabla, tanpura, manjira, drone FX, effectsNils Vindaloop: Electric guitar, effectsKrístor Piazzolla: Accordion, flute, harmonica, keychain, effectsMusic: Benil Steimer, Peter Nylund & Krister NonnemarkD3. Real eyes realize real lies (10:01)Sri Yushin Kurikkala: Keyboard, voice, field recordings (including road crossing in Uppsala, Nightingale, Coot and other birds in Sunnersta swamp)Nils Vindaloop: Electric guitarMusic: Benil Steimer & Peter Nylund. Lyrics: Benil SteimerA huge thanks to Inedi Records, who in the eighties gave us music such as Les 4 Guitaristes de L'Apocalypso-Bar, 5 UU's, Aksak Maboul, Art Bears, Art Zoyd, Ashley/Story, Asmus Tietchens, Daniel Bacalov, Pierre Bastien, Begnagrad, Birdsongs Of the Mesozoic, Iva Bittova, Peter Blegvad, Gavin Bryars, Caspar Brötzmann Massaker, Charles Bullen, Werner Bärtschi, Camberwell Now, Cartoon, Cassiber, Cassix, Eugene Chadbourne, Guigou Chenevier, Controlled Bleeding, Tom Cora, Michel F. Côté, Lol Coxhill, Cro Magnon, Curlew, Elton Dean, Debile Menthol, Deep Listening Band, Djam Karet, Doctor Nerve, Dunaj, Etron Fou Leloublan, The Ex, Yamantaka Eye, Pavel Fajt, Michel Faubert, Ferdinand Et Les Philosophes, Forever Einstein, Fred Frith, Fukkeduk, Philip Glass, God is My Co-Pilot, Heiner Goebbels/Alfred 23 Harth, Jeff Greinke, Habrera Hativit, Hamster Theater, Happy Family, The Hat Shoes, Charles Hayward, Heldon, Henry Cow, Anna Homler, However, Cathrine Jauniaux, Sophie Jausserand, The Jellyfish Kiss, Henry Kaiser, Krakatau, Krakatoa, Guy Klucevsek, Last Exit, Bill Laswell, Geneviève Letarte, René Lussier, Massacre, Matching Mole, Material, MC Hellshit & DJ Carhouse, Piero Milesi, Phil Miller, Phil Minton, Miriodor, Meredith Monk, Ikue Mori, Motor Totemist Guild, The Muffins, Mujician, Naked City, Sainkho Namtchylak, NeBeLNeST, Negativland, Nimal, No Secret In the Family, O Yuki Conjugate, Pauline Oliveros, Jim O'Rourke, Zeena Parkins, Painkiller, Richard Pinhas, Present, Rascal Reporters, Ensemble Raye, Steve Reich, Hans Reichel, David Shea, Siamese Stepbrothers, Skeleton Crew, Tenko, Martin Tétreault, Thinking Plague, This Heat, U Totem, Univers Zero, Uz Jsme Doma, Peter Vermeersch, Vibraslaps, Von Zamla, Volapük, Gert Waegeman, Wondeur Brass, The Work, X-Legged Sally, Otomo Yoshihide, Hector Zazou, John Zorn and record labels such as Ambiances Magnétiques, Ayaa, Cuneiform Records, Knitting Factory Records, Multimood Records, Musea, No Man’s Land, Panton, Pavian Records, RecRec Records, ReR, Škoda Records, Tzadik and among others…There is only one thing common to all practitioners of religions including atheists: "The others are wrong." That’s pity because prejudices only breaks down and leads nowhere. With a positive attitude towards other people, we are building a good world. So take care of your hippocampus. (Benil Steimer) All tracks, except B2 and D2, are DIY Lo-Fi recorded between 2013-2019 at Cocoon, city of Uppsala, Sunnersta swamp, Bushram (Ashram in the bush) in Hornberga, Cologne in Germany, Alappuzha, Arambol, Baga, Kannur, Panaji, Tirur and Varkala in India. B2 and D2 are DIY Lo-Fi recorded live at 26.8 meters below Lucifer. Painting ”Who’s there?” (1986) by Steimer Jr. Mastered by Tomas Bodén. Produced by Plupp. Thanks to Kennet Törnkvist for helping me with the machines, to Dan Olson at Open Mind Records for releasing our album and of course the crazy chorus on track A4. © 2020 Mangelspräck & Benil Steimer

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