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Colm Feore , Polly Shannon , Patrick McKenna , Don McKellar , Peter Outerbridge , Raymond Cloutier , Raymond Bouchard , Jean Marchand , R.H. Thomson , Guy Richer


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In 1968, Canada saw the election of a Prime Minister unlike any other in its history, Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Handsome, witty, idealistic, flamboyant, courageous and debonair Trudeau rides on an unheard of crest of popularity nicknamed "Trudeaumania" that sweeps him into the highest political office in the country. At the same time, he develops a passionate romance with a young Margaret Sinclair that soon leads to marriage. However, events would put both Pierre's political and personal life under the gun as he must struggle with traumatic events like the terrorist crisis that grips Quebec in October 1970 which forces him to declare temporary martial law being but the first of the major challenges. At the same time, the demands of being a Prime Minister's wife takes its own toll on Margaret as her relationship with Pierre begins to disintergrate. Eventually, both pressures do their harm as the couple divorces and Pierre's political standing falls even as his Quebec Seperatist foes rise ...

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