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The Royal Rodeo

The Royal Rodeo

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5.3 (10)
15 min
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John Payne , Lucile Fairbanks , Cliff Edwards , Scotty Beckett , Boyd Irwin


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In the small European country of Avania, the King, who is only a child, is more interested in the arriving American cowboy show led by Bill Stevens than he is about affairs of the state. After meeting Bill, the King requests that a rodeo be held at the castle. The two begin a friendship based on Bill seeing in the King what he himself was like when he was a child. When the Regent of Avania abducts the King and his governess Marianne in an elaborate and widespread conspiracy to overthrow the King, Stevens puts on a real live wild west show to save the pair and maintain the monarchy as it should be. In doing so, Bill also hopes to demonstrate a wider perspective of life the American way.

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