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The Balancing Act

The Balancing Act

56 min
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Kae Burke , Elena Delgado , Jellyboy The Clown , Scooter Pie , Anya Sapozhnikova , Kathryne von Assche


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A secret spectacle lives in the heart of New York's underground art scene. THE BALANCING ACT is your ticket into this world - seen by few and documented by none. In an industrial desert of Brooklyn, a circus was built by a troupe of friends. Balancing the push of professionalism with the pull of personal connection, they create high-end spectacles of cirque nouveau. Follow them through the illicit nightlife of New York and learn what makes an artist become an impresario, a friendship become a partnership, and a dream become a reality. It's all happening at the House of Yes. Kae and Anya created this second House of Yes out of the ashes of the first. After it burned down, there was no question these remarkably young women would build something bigger. 'Jellyboy' describes these days with mature and understated insight - unexpected from a clown in full makeup. THE BALANCING ACT's interviews have been hailed as 'unfiltered' and 'an incredibly honest portrayal'. (Melissa Hanson, http://...

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