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Testemunha Inesperada

Testemunha Inesperada

IMDB Score
5.8 (10)
69 min
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Lew Ayres , Gail Patrick , Paul Kelly , Benny Baker , Ernest Cossart , Onslow Stevens , Joyce Compton , Anthony Nace , Joe Sawyer , Don Rowan


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Suspected crime boss Nate Girard beats a murder rap, and newspaper photographer Kent Murdock is on the story. Girard and lawyer Redfield throw a party for the news men where Murdock romances a mystery woman who confronted Girard in front of him, but Murdock's fiance Hester shows up. After they return to his apartment, have a fight, and she leaves, the mystery woman slips in and begs for his help. Police Inspector Bacon and the cops show up, looking for the mystery woman; Murdock hides her. Murdock goes with the cops to discuss the murder the woman is suspected of. Bacon explains (in flashback) how some photographers were setting up a shot with Girard and Redfield. When the flashbulbs popped, Redfield keeled over dead and the woman, Meg Archer, fled while the newsmen ran out to phone their papers. The newsmen (who were rounded up later as thoroughly as possible) are taken into police custody, except for Murdock (who wasn't at the scene), who is given a cap on the sly by rival McGoogin....

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