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Manini Mukhopadhyay Bagchi , Jayanta Chatterjee , Jatindra Singh , Basanta Mukherjee , Ashok Kumar Ganguly , Chiranjib Pal , Priyam Mukherjee , Gargi Das , Ritapa Bhattacharya , Papia Khan


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Bojroshen, a foreign merchant, is carrying a necklace of rare emeralds which he does not intend to trade but which he has bought for the girl of his dreams, whom he has not yet met. The Queen of the country through which he is traveling has heard of this necklace and the King has sent his spies to find him. Shyama, a court dancer, is with her companions when Bojroshen rushes past her, hotly pursued by the King's Guard. She falls head over heels in love with Bojroshen, although she sees that he has been caught and handcuffed by the policeman. Using her companions as intermediaries, she asks the King's Guard to visit her with his prisoner. She asks the King's Guard why Bojroshen has been imprisoned. The King's Guard replies that there has been a theft from the Royal Treasury and that, to avoid losing face, the police need to catch a culprit, no matter who it is. Realizing that Bojroshen has been falsely accused of theft and faces execution, she persuades the King's Guard to spare ...

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