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Koshkin dom

Koshkin dom

IMDB Score
7.3 (10)
29 min
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Anastasiya Georgievskaya , Viktoriya Ivanova , Sergey Martinson , Vera Orlova , Leonid Pirogov , Elena Ponsova , Irina Pototskaya , Grigoriy Shpigel , Boris Tolmazov , Georgiy Vitsin


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There was a Cat. And she had a big house with expensive furniture. Often, her poor kittens nephews came to the doorstep of this house, asking her for food and lodging for the night, but she chased them away through her servant, the janitor cat Vasiliy. Once the neighbors came to visit her: the Rooster, the Chicken, the Goat, the Nanny-Goat and the Pig. The Cat welcomed the guests and showed them her home. While the guests were having fun, the kittens came to ask for shelter again, but the Cat kicked them out again. When the guests returned home, a log fell out of the stove and a fire started in the house.

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