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Nicolás Iaciancio , Juan Cruz Molinatti , María Gabriela Penoucos , Micaela Lapegüe , Julia Arias


Download Desconectados (2017) full movie for free on uTubeMate.com. Desconectados (2017), Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Musical releasing in Spanish language. Know about Film reviews, lead cast & crew, photos & video gallery on uTubeMate.


Austin and Peter are two brothers who live in completely different tunes. Clara, their mother no longer knows what to do and resorts to her friend Mirtha to tell her about the situation and she gives the idea of sending them to the country house, disconnecting them from the world and all the technology so that the brothers can get to know each other. Upon reaching the house, the problems between the brothers begin to grow as none can bear to breathe the same oxygen. But thanks to the lack of things to do, they will gradually get closer and getting to know each other more and more. It will be very difficult for them to interact since each will have to tell the other why he does not love him. The brothers should swallow their own pride and face all their fears if they really want to connect.

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