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Beginner's Luck

Beginner's Luck

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7.7 (10)
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George 'Spanky' McFarland , Matthew 'Stymie' Beard , Scotty Beckett , Billie 'Buckwheat' Thomas , Jerry Tucker , Eileen Bernstein , Alvin Buckelew , Sidney Kibrick , Cecelia Murray , Donald Proffitt


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At her afternoon tea social Spanky's mother has her son recite for the assembled ladies. It is easily seen they are bored to death as he has no talent. After he finishes the mother shocks everyone ,including her mother and son, by announcing she has signed him up to appear at a local children's talent show. The Grandma tries to intervene to no avail. The gang come up with a plan to sabotage his performance with peashooters and noise makers. Spanky is overjoyed but must keep his mother from finding out. At the theater Spanky meets a little girl who needs the prize money to buy her dancing costume but fell victim to stage fright. Spanky's mother has run afoul of the Master of Cerimonies by showing up with her son not ready to go on then saying he was too much of an artist to open a show. He is a real hard boiled type and well able to deal with the mother. He has kept Spanky's act for last. Spanky has decided he'll win the prize for the little girl but he must tell the gang. As he is ...

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