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Episode #3.10

Episode #3.10

Release Date
10 March 2019
IMDB Score
7.9 (10)
59 min
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Esben Smed , Thomas Hwan , Maria Rich , Marie Askehave , Dulfi Al-Jabouri , Ali Sivandi , Jacob Højlev Jørgensen , Jacob Lohmann , Mia Jexen , Farshad Kholghi , Emil Sebastian Gohr , Christian 'Krølle' Pedersen , Marijana Jankovic , Olaf Johannessen , Hadi Ka-Koush


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Anna decides that the only way to be rid of Lala and Nabil's threats is to come clean to the bank about her money laundering, even though it will mean going to prison. Alf hands Nicky over to the police who've come to arrest him, not knowing they're working for the chief of police, who wants Nicky out of the country for good, but Nicky leaves clues for Alf to go in hot pursuit before he can be bundled on to the plane. As the criminals are brought to justice, for Anna events take an unexpected turn and her future is looking rosy, but do Alf and Nicky it's anything but.

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